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Starting March 1, 2020, the New York plastic bag ban will take effect. This new legislation prevents New York businesses that collect sales tax from offering plastic bags to customers.

New York Law Changes - What You Need to Know

Those who live or work in New York State may have heard about the new plastic bag ban. This law aims to reduce the amount of plastic waste produced by limiting the distribution of single-use plastic bags. While being somewhat divisive, the law has been met with positivity overall.

Environmentalists are pleased to know that the global pollution problem is being addressed, and normal New Yorkers are happy that plastic waste will no longer litter their streets, parks, and waterways.

In this case, the responsibility fell to the retailers. Grocery stores, clothing outlets, or any business that collects sales tax will be required to discontinue their use of the very practical and affordable polyethylene bag — even if it hurts their bottom line.

Reusable bags are the new expectation. This legislation is rolling out along with its slogan and hashtag, #BYOBagNY.

This has many other types of businesses wondering what kind of plastic ban or other environmental legislation will pass next, and how it will affect them.

A likely next step is other single-use plastic items like straws, utensils, and water bottles.

How can you help?

Choose eco-friendly water services.

If you operate a business or work in an office, you may be concerned that you are contributing to the plastic problem with your choice of water service. Whether you are trying to go green, trying to improve your image, or simply trying to prevent future complications, an eco-friendly water delivery solution may be right for you.

A responsible and affordable office water solution is to use refillable water cooler bottles. You can get 5-gallon jugs to a home or office along with a dispenser. The water delivery company will collect, clean, and reuse your water jug for you. This stands as a more sustainable option compared to individual water bottles.

Better yet, plastic bottles can be removed entirely from the equation. Today, water filtration systems are very affordable. Either placed on the counter or stowed away under the sink, they don’t take up much space. Filters require no deliveries or bottles and are extremely helpful in eliminating plastic waste.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about your options for an eco-friendly office water systems and the best water companies in New York.

Businesses who take this next step into a greener future will not only be doing their part to help but will also get a jump on the next set of plastic banns that could be rolled out in the future.

How to Find the Best Companies for Office Water Service

Water solution can be a bit daunting, taking a step towards improving your office. To aid you in this process, we have created a special tool to help you search for the best companies and prices in your area. Just enter some basic information into our form, and we’ll do the rest.

Our experts can find the best company for your unique needs. Your best water solution is just a few clicks away.

Best Eco-Friendly Water Service Companies in NY, NJ

This is our hand-picked list of the best office water service companies in New York. These outstanding businesses can provide you with great water and service while reducing your plastic waste.

1. Dove water

Dove Water is the New York water filtration specialist. Their motto is, “No Plastic Jugs, No Deliveries, No Clutter.”

For those who are tired of heavy water jugs, inconsistent deliveries, or unpredictable costs, a Dove Water filtration system is the perfect solution. By paying a simple monthly subscription fee, you can have pure water from an eco-friendly cooler whenever you need it.

Famous for their customer service, Dove claims that every member of their service team knows each customer by name. They are the only NYC-area water cooler company to guarantee service calls within 24 hours.

This incredible service is probably why Dove Water in New York City is a top-rated water solution on both Yelp and Google!

In terms of the water quality, it doesn’t get much better than a Dove cooler. They filter the water through five stages, including sediment, pre-carbon, UF membrane detoxification, and two levels of total contaminant removal post carbon filtration.

According to the company website, you can save up to 70% compared to other water delivery services. Installation and filter changes are free of additional charge, and you get unlimited drinking water each month.

Dove’s water services are bottle-free and eco-friendly

All of Dove’s products are bottle-free and eco-friendly. This is an outstanding company to work with if you would like to go green with your office water. According to its website, Dove’s customers can reduce their carbon footprint by 90%.

Filtered water systems compared to water delivery or individual water bottles eliminates contributions to landfills, reduces energy consumption with their Energy Star coolers, and reduces carbon emissions caused by frequent deliveries.

2. Brooklyn Seltzer Boys

Before the days of Whole Foods and Amazon, delivery men patrolled the streets, providing households with their daily necessities and luxuries. Milkmen came daily to provide fresh cow’s milk in glass bottles, and seltzer men provided pressurized bottles of fizzy goodness, seltzer.

Today, this type of vintage service is a thing of the past — except in New York City. Brooklyn Seltzer Boys is keeping the tradition alive.

This customer-favorite delivers glass bottles of seltzer to homes and businesses across New York City and the Tri-State Area. People love Brooklyn Seltzer Boys for their retro appeal, delicious seltzer, and incredible customer service.

The beverage has seen a major resurgence in recent years as an alternative to sugary sodas. Seltzer provides the uniquely refreshing sensation of carbonation without any of the health concerns of soda.

Brooklyn Seltzer Boys works out of Gomberg Seltzer Works, a factory founded in the golden age of seltzer in 1953. Within the busy, bubbly building, seltzer men can be seen pumping triple-filtered New York City tap water — by hand — into old-timey siphon bottles. Each bottle is an antique in its own right, made of hand-blown glass, and equipped with vintage steel dispensers.

Real seltzer men say, “Good seltzer should hurt!” And with this specially-carbonated water with a siphon nozzle, the seltzer never loses carbonation. It gives a satisfying “bite” each time you sip.

Brooklyn Seltzer Boys water services uses glass bottles

One of the best things about Brooklyn Seltzer Boys is their reusable glass bottles. You can get a refreshing beverage for your home or office without contributing to the plastic waste problem whatsoever.

You won’t find any individual plastic bottles or even large plastic jugs of this product. The seltzer uses special glass bottles and long-lasting metal-valve dispensers.

The company is rigorous about recycling and maintaining its stock of vintage bottles. Glass containers get recollected, washed, and reused. Most of the bottles have already lasted for over 200 years! With proper care, they can last 200 more.

This is truly a zero-waste beverage solution for your business.


Each case of seltzer contains 10, 26oz bottles.

A case of seltzer costs $45 if you maintain a standard delivery of at least one case per month.

Also, there is a one-time deposit of $100 to be returned when service is discontinued, and the bottles are returned.

3. Quench Water Services

Quench Water is the trusted water authority of over 50% of the Fortune 500, according to their website. They have been providing business with the best drinking water for over 20 years.

With a focus on water filtration, Quench specializes in analyzing your local drinking water and office situation and customizing a filtration system for you.

By using an affordable water filtration system, such as a simple cooler, instead of traditional 5-gallon bottles, you will be eliminating plastic from your water solution. A filtration system creates no waste and lasts a long time with proper care. Quench offers space-saving countertop and under-the-counter filtration systems.

Other products include ice machines, sparkling water dispensers, and coffee makers.

As future laws come forward that restrict the use of plastic, there will be more pressure on businesses to find better solutions. Water filtration is an affordable, green solution that exists today. Not only does it help the environment and future-proof your office, but also it will save you money.

Quench customers typically save up to 50% versus traditional water delivery!

Sustainability and Plastic

Quench Water is devoted to the sustainability of their business practices. They have a detailed environmental mission statement on their website. Quench’s sustainability goals are:

  • Educating the public about bottle-less filtered water as an alternative to traditional bottled water delivery;
  • Seeking to offer products that are “best in class” in terms of energy efficiency, water conservation, and sustainable production and reuse;
  • Encouraging our customers to choose “paperless” billing and payment, as well as electronic distribution of contracts and sales materials to reduce waste;
  • Operating a fleet of low-emission, fuel-efficient vehicles to install and service our equipment;
  • Employing “green” practices in their warehouse and distribution facilities, including water recycling and energy conservation;
  • Equipping their service team with tablets and GPS systems, to reduce paper use by employing electronic communications and record-keeping, and improve fuel efficiency in the field;
  • Promoting environmental awareness in their office environment by encouraging employees to conserve energy, water, and other resources;
  • Recycling waste when possible and following proper municipal regulations for disposal when recycling is not available;
  • Purchasing recycled and sustainable products wherever possible.

4. The Manhattan Water Co.

The Manhattan Water Co. specializes in providing businesses with the highest quality of 100% spring water and medical-grade distilled water.

Water is harvested from the famous Catskill Mountains in upstate NY. Water comes right to the doorstep of your home or office in a variety of options. Manhattan Water offers hot and cold dispensers, filtration dispensers, 5-gallon bottles, and more.

A unique service provided by The Manhattan Water Co. is their “private label” water. Working with the company, you can have your very own custom logo or message printed onto the bottles of their famous Catskill Mountain 100% spring water. This is perfect for marketing your brand, business, or event.

Because this is local water, fewer resources are consumed in its sourcing, processing, and shipping. Those in New York state will benefit from amazing prices and a reduced carbon footprint.

A bonus to working with The Manhattan Water Co. is their incredible selection of coffees and teas. You can get whole gourmet bean or ground coffee from local roasters like Brooklyn Roasting Company, Blue Bottle, and more — along with your water services.

They also offer bagged or loose tea, single-serve coffee pods, and brewing equipment.

Sustainability and Plastic

The Manhattan Water Co. offers a variety of green, low-waste, water options. Water filtration will remove virtually all plastic waste from your office water solution, whereas 5-gallon bottles are reusable and a great option for reducing the number of individual plastic bottles in your office.

Also, working with local companies supports not only your local economy but also reduces the costs and environmental effects of shipping. The Manhattan Water Co. is headquartered in New York, harvests water from New York, and works with local companies for coffee. Overall, this is a great choice for any eco-conscious New Yorkers.

Water Services

Water filters – Only the highest quality water filters. Choose from 2 stages, three stages, UV light, and reverse osmosis filters. No matter how bad your water supply, they have the filter for you.

Filtration dispensers – They offer a variety of units that dispense water and ice and can be connected to your coffee brewer. Choose from under-counter, desktop, and stand-up units. Residential and commercial customers welcome. For rent or sale.

Inspection and installation – Once a filtration unit is chosen, a Manhattan Water Co. expert will visit with you to complete a full site inspection and installation.

5. The Water Store by BELLAQUA

The Water Store has been a family-run New York business for over 30 years. Two brothers, Joel and Jamie Brizzi, started as a small residential water filtration company. After some success, they began serving the corporate world across the Tri-State Area.

Today, The Water Store boasts three locations in New York City. They supply water delivery in northern New Jersey and bottle-less service all over the New York and Connecticut metropolitan area, serving large Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and residential customers.

The Water Store specializes in bottle-less water coolers, as well as water softeners and reverse osmosis units. Types of water include purified, alkaline, and spring. You can get your water in BPA-free or glass containers.

Sustainability and Plastic

As we discussed before, water filtration systems prevent far more waste than water jug delivery or individual bottles. Even so, companies that offer returnable, reusable bottles are a great option for reducing plastic waste.

Bottle-less water coolers eliminate the need for bottle delivery. This significantly reduces the carbon footprint of companies and consumers while saving companies hundreds of dollars. Residential and commercial customers also have the option of under the counter filtration, which eliminates the need for bottles and delivery.

The Water Store has 0.5, 1, 2, 3, and 5-gallon reusable bottles. Each bottle is sanitized and reused up to 50 times before being recycled. They guarantee that all of their bottles are recycled. You can even get an old bottle for free to collect your spare change!

Types of Water

Spring water – The source of the natural spring water is a 70-acre pristine area in the Kittatinny Mountains protected by land preservation. This spring water is Government tested, FDA registered and licensed by the NJ State Department of Health.

Reverse osmosis water – Reverse osmosis is a process of advanced micro-filtration in which source water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane that allows only water to pass through, leaving behind impurities and contaminants. Most reverse osmosis membranes will remove dirt and particles larger than .001 microns.

Alkaline water – This alkaline water product is reverse osmosis water that is passed through a pH neutralizing filter composed of 50-percent calcite (calcium carbonate) and 50-percent corosex (magnesium oxide). The filter produces water that maintains an average pH of 9.0 and higher.


No matter what your reasons are for getting an eco-friendly water solution, you will be helping the environment, future-proofing your business, and making your employees happy.

Each one of these companies offers a specific advantage. The Manhattan Water Co. is a great option for its local headquarters, water sources, and business partners. Dove Water has incredible service and is the top-rated water delivery service in New York. And Brooklyn Seltzer Boys offers a totally unique product that is eco-friendly, fun, and refreshing.

Which company you choose will depend entirely on the size of your business, budget, and water needs.

The fastest thing you can do to find the right office water company is to take just 3 minutes to fill out our form. We work directly with customer service representatives from companies across New York and beyond to secure you the best prices and deals.

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