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In the world of water conditioning, home filtration systems, and office water solutions, one name stands out among the rest—Culligan. So we did some research and created this article for Culligan water products and services.

Founded by Emmett J. Culligan in 1936, the goal of Culligan Water was always to make conditioned water available to homeowners. Emmet J. Culligan created new water treatment methods. He based his business on a service model and established a network of franchises.

This early strategy helped the company to grow far beyond. Its birthplace of Northbrook, IL, into the internationally respected brand we know today.

Culligan has evolved into a world leader, pioneering innovations that have helped shape the water industry. It has grown beyond home usage to include successful office products and industrial solutions. In the water treatment market today, Culligan sets the standards for quality improvement and customer service.

In this article, we will show you all of the most popular products and services Culligan water has to offer.

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Culligan Water Delivery

Culligan Water is a nationally recognized and top-rated company for water delivery services. Their team of experts can help your home or business to find a practical and cost-effective Culligan water delivery service.

Culligan Bottled Water Delivery

Bottled water coolers provide easy access to water for you and your employees. Culligan can provide the cooler or dispenser and deliver bottles directly to your door on a convenient schedule.

Bottled water coolers offer flexibility with low overhead. Compared to filtration systems, those coolers paired with Culligan Water delivery provides hydration to your home or business.

Getting started with bottled water is fast and cheap. Culligan distilled water delivery starts at the low price of just under $10 a month.

Culligan water delivery service offers:

  • An affordable office perk for employees.
  • Great-tasting water in your office for the entire team.
  • Cold, refreshing drinking water and steaming hot water for soups, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.
  • A variety of water options like filtered water, spring water, demineralized water, or distilled water.
  • Reverse osmosis filtered water made with the most advanced water filtration technology.

Culligan’s flexible delivery service options provide:

  • Delivery of bottled water on predefined schedules.
  • Supplemental deliveries for your peak needs.
  • Delivery suspensions for vacations and holidays.

How Much Does Culligan Water Delivery Cost?

Culligan water delivery prices depend on your location. Fill out the form on this page for a custom quote. We will find the exact prices in your area for the products and services you need.

All Culligan products are available for purchase or rental. Below, we go into more detail about renting and buying Culligan products.

Culligan Water Softener Service

Culligan Water specializes in water softening systems.

Water softening is the removal of calcium, magnesium, and other metals that exist in hard water. The resulting water has many consumer, commercial, and industrial advantages over hard water.

  • Soft water requires less soap for the same cleaning effort, as soap is not wasted bonding with calcium ions. This leads to cleaner dishes and fewer costs on laundry detergent and cleaning supplies.
  • Soft water extends the lifetime plumbing by reducing or eliminating mineral build-up in pipes and fittings. They can lead to pricey repairs down the road.
  • Soft water reduced mineral buildup on sinks, tubs, and all water-using appliances.
  • Bathing with soft water creates softer skin, healthier hair, and less skin irritation caused by sensitivity to certain minerals.

Some of Culligan’s water softening solutions can even:

  • Soften and filters water simultaneously
  • Provide advanced sulfur filtration and water odor reduction
  • Target hard-to-treat iron and sulfur bacteria
  • Removing chlorine from water

Water Softener System Savings

According to Culligan Water’s website, their water softening systems allow for the following savings:

24% in energy savings

When using softened cool water to wash clothes.

50% reduction in detergent costs

When washing laundry, hair, and body in soft water.

30% more out of your water-using appliances

When hard-water contaminants are filtered out.

Culligan Water Softener Salt

Culligan delivers water softening salt that you can add to the brine tank of your water softening system.

With Culligan water softener rental, salt comes right to your door. You can skip the heavy lifting and scheduling headaches with simple click-or-call deliveries. Salt will automatically arrive on schedule, keeping your water softener up and running at its best.

With the Culligan Water Privilege Program, you can receive a free maintenance check along with each salt delivery visit.

With Culligan water softening salt delivery you get:

  • Convenient, regularly-scheduled salt deliveries.
  • Fully automated salt delivery requests when using a Culligan HE system. This system can “call” your Culligan Water Expert automatically when salt is needed.
  • Assurance that your system has the right type of salt and is running properly.
  • A Culligan Water Expert to lug and lift heavy salt bags.
  • Less stress and softer water!

There are a few options for Culligan water softener rental prices. A certified Culligan Expert will work with you to discuss your needs and create a payment plan that fits your budget.

Culligan Filters

Culligan Water offers a variety of water filters for the home, commercial, and industrial spaces. There is a solution for every type of system you may need.

A variety of options are available for your next Culligan filter.

Micro-filters – Micro-filters reduce turbidity and solids, conditioning the water for disinfection and reverse osmosis.

Ultra-filters – Ultra-filters further reduce turbidity and remove high molecular weight dissolved substances.

Nano-filters – Nano-filters remove dissolved constituents and multivalent ions.

Reverse Osmosis – Reverse osmosis is an advanced level of filtration. The pressurized water passes through a semipermeable membrane to separate dissolved substances from the water permeate.

Culligan Reverse Osmosis Water

The scientists and engineers at Culligan have developed their very own proprietary reverse osmosis membranes for reverse osmosis filtration systems. They have created a variety of multi-step filtration systems with reverse osmosis. Some of them are Aqua-Clear Advanced Drinking Water System, AC-30 Good Water Machine, and the Preferred Series Water Systems.

Culligan Reverse Osmosis filters specialize in removing:

  • Metals –  Lead contamination can be relatively common, especially in areas where the water pipes and infrastructure are old and need repair.
  • Minerals – Calcium and magnesium are the two most common minerals that cause hard water.
  • Microorganisms – Bacteria and parasites, such as cryptosporidium, are common contaminants found in water sourced from lakes and rivers.

The benefits of using a state-of-the-art Culligan Reverse Osmosis system are:

  • High-Tech Water Filtration: Culligan reverse osmosis systems provide healthy and delicious drinking water for your home and business. These filters have a multi-stage filtration process. It removes harmful impurities like lead, radium, aesthetic chlorine, hexavalent chromium, and arsenic from your water. This purified water is healthier for your body and improves the taste of your coffee, tea, powdered drinks, soups, and meals.
  • Savings: You can free up refrigerator and counter space in your break room with a single source of pure water. Culligan water systems have a low footprint, coming in compact coolers or under-the-counter systems. You’ll also indirectly save money by using fewer single-serve bottles while simultaneously reducing your plastic waste.
  • Freedom to Choose: Culligan’s experts can easily connect your filtered water to your household or office appliances. Like coffee machines and ice makers. With this, it’s incredibly simple to have the perfect water in all of your beverages.

Whether you decide to purchase, rent, or finance, Culligan has payment plans and options for every customer. As with all Culligan services and products, professional installation, setup, and instruction are included.

Culligan Water Coolers

Culligan has traditional bottled water coolers, also known as dispensers, and bottle-free options. With Culligan dispensers, the freshest water is available right where you need it. Homes and businesses have enjoyed the quality service of Culligan water dispensers for years.

Bottled Water Coolers

One of the most popular Culligan products is the classic water dispenser with 5-gallon jugs. Extremely common in offices, this solution offers the quickest and easiest way to hydrate a large number of people. And you don’t need any of the specialized equipment or costly setup.

Once you have purchased or rented your cooler, water experts will work with you. They will set up a convenient water delivery schedule. Water will arrive just on time, every time.

There is no need for you to do the heavy lifting. The delivery person will transport and install the dispenser and the jugs.

Culligan bottled water dispensers come with the following features:

  • Optional Temperature Settings: By providing hot and cold options, filtered water in your water bottle travels through the dispenser. To provide water at your desired temperature.
  • Space Savers: Water dispensers take up less than one square foot of space. So you can place it wherever it best serves your family or employees. No matter it’s the kitchen, den, or office break room.
  • Select from Various Styles: Culligan water dispensers come in many different styles. So no matter where you place it, your water dispenser will fit in with your décor.
  • Energy Efficient: Culligan offers several energy-efficient water dispensers. Contact your local Culligan Water Expert to find out what options are available in your area.
  • Low Maintenance: Culligan Water Expert can stop by your home or office to periodically clean and sanitize your water dispenser. And ensure you are receiving better water to lengthen the lifespan of your unit.

Bottle-Free Water Coolers

Culligan delivers bottle-free coolers for the convenience of traditional office water coolers with none of the heavy liftings. These coolers can be installed anywhere near a water line to provide endless drinking water.

This option is environmentally friendly because it doesn’t use any plastic bottle. The cooler acts as a filter, taking water directly from the tap. Purifying it, and serve it directly into your cup like traditional coolers.

Many of Culligan’s bottle-free coolers include energy savings modes that will save your money. Because they use about half the energy of competing coolers, you could save more than $200.

A Culligan Water Expert will work with you to determine the best dispenser and filtration system for your home or office. Culligan will deliver the coolers, install the coolers and water filters, and periodically service your unit to clean and sanitize it.

Culligan bottle-free cooler benefits:

  • Enjoy endless water without a delivery schedule.
  • Free up storage space by eliminating the need for water bottles.
  • Water is filtered on-site, so you will never run out of better-tasting drinking water.
  • No more empty water jugs on the cooler waiting to be replaced.
  • Reduce waste from single-serve water bottles.

Bottle-free Dispenser Options

1. Culligan Bottle-Free® Cooler

2. Culligan® WAVE

3. BluSoda Bottle-Free® Water Cooler

4. Wave Box Bottle-Free® Water Cooler

No matter what option you choose, the Culligan water cooler cost is offset by the amazing quality of the product.

Culligan Water Pricing and Scheduling

There are many pricing options available. Culligan’s water solutions can fit into any budget with their flexible plans. Fair pricing and the long-term value of their products and services.

Culligan’s water experts can help you find affordable options. You will get one of the most effective water filtration or softening solution for your home or business. Choose from three customizable ways to start drinking and using fresher, filtered water.

Most Culligan Water products are available for:

  1. Rental
  2. Purchase
  3. Payment plan

No matter your budget and or water treatment need, your payment option will include professional installation and setup—free of charge.

Buying Culligan Water Products

Their products can always be purchased, giving you full ownership. And will provide the outstanding Culligan water service and maintenance offered by their water experts. Buying some high-end equipment will be paid off with healthier and cleaner water.

Purchasing premium softening and filtration products is a great way to add value to your home. While helping protect other big-ticket investments, like washing machines, dishwashers, fixtures, and plumbing.

Permanent water filtration offers a special amenity loved by your family and valued by potential buyers. Water softening will reduce the mineral build-up that clogs pipes and damages water-using appliances over time.

Culligan Water Rental

Culligan water rental gives customers the option to start drinking better water instantly for a small investment. Rather than needing money up-front, Culligan allows you to make small monthly payments on their modern, high-quality equipment.

Culligan water rental is:

  • Affordable – Renting means you don’t have to deal with any maintenance or repair costs. Everything is included in your low monthly payment.
  • Easy – Water solutions for renters are delivered, installed, and fully operational within three business days.
  • Guaranteed – Every product Culligan provides for rental comes with a 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee, as well as 24-hour emergency service.

Renting a Culligan water treatment system allows you to easily upgrade to new water softening, filtration, or treatment technology.

No matter which solution you choose, you can be sure your product from Culligan will work for you. All Culligan water dispenser prices include free installation and excellent customer service.

Final Thoughts

Culligan Water has some of the best water delivery, water softening, and water filtration products and services in the country. Their expertise has earned them an outstanding reputation and a loyal customer base.

If you are looking for any of the water solutions we listed above, feel free to fill out our form. We will work with water delivery services in your area to find you the best prices in your location. It only takes a matter of minutes to get a custom quote for your specific needs.

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