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Furthermore, Voss water is very pure, owing to is staggeringly low TDS count. Drinking pure Voss water is associated with several health benefits like improved physical and mental performance. Voss water also helps your body fight infections and colds.

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Choosing The Best Water For Delivery

We have enough health-related reasons to drink water. You might as well make sure that you drink from only best the premium bottled water brands. Before you buy bottled water, you have to look into factors such:

  • The source of the water
  • The pH value of the water
  • The material of the bottles
  • The hardness and softness of the water
  • The availability of the brand in your area
  • The type of water, e.g., mineral, spring, alkaline, etc

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Once you have researched these factors, you will get to drink that not only satisfies your thirst but offers you maximum health benefits.

Let’s get to know some of the best drinking water delivery services in detail.


Where does Smart Water Come from?

Owned by the Coca Cola Company, Smart Water is an American brand of distilled bottled water. Smart Water comes from an artesian spring in the Northern Connecticut region.

What is Special about Smart Water?

The Special fact about Smart Water is that it has electrolytes. When playing sports games such as tennis and badminton or any sport at all, our body loses them. The idea is that drinking Smart Water makes you gain electrolytes.

One way to get Smart Water delivered is water delivery from Amazon. The few options are:

How is Smart Water Made and What Does it Contain?

The process of distillation is used to manufacture Smart Water. This is a purification process that draws upon the hydrological cycle. The distillation process gets rid of most of the impurities ( dissolved solids and other contaminants), including the minerals as well. After the distillation process is complete, certain mineral electrolytes such as calcium chloride, potassium bicarbonate, and magnesium chloride and are added back to the composition of Smart Water.

Characteristics of Smart Water

  • Smart Water has a fresh, pure, and crisp taste.
  • The pH of Smart Water is between 6.7 – 9+. 
  • Check out the quality report for SmartWater here.

Type of Smart Water Bottles

Smartwater makes use of only food grade PET1 plastic that is 100 percent free of BPA and FDA compliant.  Moreover, Smartwater bottle packaging is completely recyclable and comprises around 30 percent of plant-based materials.

Benefits of Drinking Smart Water

Smartwater is free of calories, sugar, artificial flavors, and coloring. Smartwater is also gluten-free. Gluten-free water boosts your energy levels and promotes digestive health.

Reach out to the water delivery service near you if you would like to taste Smart Water. Make sure that the company offers home water delivery and/or office water delivery if you want Smart Water delivered to your workplace.

Flow water

Where does Flow Water Come from?

Flow Water is 100 percent alkaline spring water. Lately, it is coming from Seawright Springs in Virginia.

What is Special about Flow Water?

The special and admirable thing about Flow Water is its determination and an ambitious goal to produce 100 percent sustainable water bottle packaging by 2024.

If you would like to indulge in the flavor of Flow Water all you have to do is get prices for water delivery in your location. Also, you can try Flow Alkaline Spring Water or  Flow Flavored Water from Amazon water delivery.

How Is Flow Water Made and What Does it Contain?

Before reaching the aquifer, Flow water travels through layers of soil clay, limestone, and sand, where the impurities are filtered out naturally.  Along this journey, the water collects minerals and electrolytes that make it alkaline. The pressure in the aquifer then pushes the water to the surface, thus creating an artesian spring. 

Flow Water contains a perfect blend of potassium, magnesium, and calcium ions.

Characteristics of Flow Water

  • Flow Water is alkaline as it has a high pH of 8.1.
  • It has a smooth and soft taste owing to is alkalinity
  • Flow Water is hard water.
  • Check out the quality report for Flow Water here. 


Packaging of Flow Water Bottles

Flow Water bottle packaging does not use any plastic. The packaging of these bottles reflects the company’s attention to sustainability and sustainable materials. The packaging features a plant-based cap. Also, 100 percent recyclable and around 65 percent of renewable materials are used to create the packaging of Flow Water bottles.

Benefits of Drinking Flow Water

Flow Water is an ideal hydrating product.  Moreover, this water brand has a high pH and lower level of acidity than most of the other water brands. Hence, it helps to neutralize the acidity in your stomach and relieve symptoms of heartburn. This results in a boost in the oxygen levels, which in turn leads to improved metabolism in your body.

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Fiji bottled water

Where Does Fiji Water Come from?

A brand of bottled water, Fiji Water is imported directly from Fiji. After filtering through volcanic rock, Fiji Water collects in an artesian aquifer situated in Viti Levu, which is the biggest island in the Republic of Fiji.

What is Different About Fiji Water?

What makes Fiji Water stand out from the other water brands is its extraordinary and exclusive source. This source is a protected artesian aquifer situated underground in the Fiji Islands from where the water is bottled.  Coupled with its unique mineral composition, Fiji Water is often claimed to be Earth’s finest water.

What does Fiji Water Contain?

The mineral composition of Fiji Water comprises Potassium, Calcium, Sodium, Fluoride, Chloride, Magnesium, Bicarbonate, and Silica. These minerals combined contribute to Fiji Water’s smooth taste.

Apart from the minerals, Fiji Water has 100 percent naturally occurring electrolytes like potassium, sodium, and chloride.

Characteristics of Fiji Water

  • Fiji water’s pH is around 7.7, which is slightly on the alkaline side.
  • Moreover, Fiji’s water is moderately hard, with a hardness of 105 milligrams/ liter.
  • Owing to its unique mineral composition, Fiji Water has a smooth and soft mouthfeel taste.
  • Check out the quality report for Fiji Water here. 

Type of Fiji Water Bottles

High-grade PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic is used to make FIJI water bottles. Fiji’s water bottle packaging does not contain BPA (Bisphenol A). Unlike most of the other water brands, Fiji Water does not come in glass bottles. Fiji bottles its water exclusively in PET bottles, which is the ideal packaging that safeguards the quality of the water.

Available sizes of Fiji Water:

Benefits of Drinking Fiji Water

Fiji Water not only keeps your electrolyte levels in check, but it also keeps you hydrated.

Moreover, a single liter of Fiji Water has ample nutrients, and each nutrient has its benefits. As a case to point, Fiji contains calcium that supports cardiovascular function and bone health. Fiji water is also rich in silica, which removes waste from the body and protects body tissues and organs.

Voss Water

Where Does Voss Water Come From, and How is it Filtered?

Voss is a brand of bottled water based in Norway. Voss Water originates from a spring in Iveland, a scarcely populated municipality in Norway. This water gets collected from an aquifer that is deep underneath the surface of the earth, under layers of gravel and sand (these create a natural filter). Because the water is naturally filtered, it does not come into contact with air and any other pollutants.

What is special about Voss Water?

With only 44 PPM (Parts Per Million) of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), Voss water is universally recognized as one of the purest bottled waters. This TDS count, which is considerably lower than most of the other water brands, gives VOSS Water its clean and pure taste.

The most popular type of Voss Water is Artesian Still Water. Also, you can order Voss Water in different flavors.

What Does Voss Water Contain?

The mineral composition of Voss Water is as follows:

  • Potassium( 1 mg/liter)
  • Sodium(4 mg/liter)
  • Calcium(4 mg/liter)
  • Nitrate(1 mg/liter)
  • Magnesium( 1 mg/liter)
  • Bicarbonate(20 mg/liter)
  • Sulfate(6 mg/liter)
  • Chloride(12 mg/liter)
  • Check out the quality report for Voss Water here.  

Type of Voss Bottles

Voss manufactures plastic (PET) bottles that are free of BPA (this is a compound that is toxic to human beings). All the Voss plastic and glass bottles are recyclable.

Voss has a unique cylindrical bottle design for both its plastic and glass packaging. The manufacturing process of these bottles is totally carbon neutral.

Characteristics of Voss Water

With its hardness rated at 14 milligrams /liter, Voss Water is soft. Moreover, Voss water is slightly acidic (not alkaline), with its pH falling in the range of 5.5-7. Furthermore, Voss water has a very distinct and clean taste because of its low mineral content.

Why is Voss Water Good For You?

Voss Water is rich in calcium content that enhances bone strength and plays a crucial role in muscle functioning as well. The magnesium in the Voss water is critical for several biological functions, such as the synthesis of nerve function and protein.

Evian Water

Where does Evian Water Come from and How it is Made?

Now owned by the conglomerate Danone, Evian is a mineral water brand that is sourced in the southeast region of France. To be more specific, Evian water originated from an alpine mineral spring situated in the French Alps. The water from melting snow and rain filters through clay and glacial sand for more than 15 years before finally reaching Evian’s mineral aquifer. This water then rushes upwards and eventually emerges from the spring in Evian-Les-Baines, a village in southeast France from which Evian Water derives its name.

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What is Different about Evian Water?

Evian Water is steeply-priced and considerably more expensive than most of the other mineral water brands. However, its price tag is justified. The snow that melts falling off the north face of the Swiss Alps accumulates in a spring that is the source of the Evian Water. This spring is a very protected source that ensures that the water remains pure at all times.

Water that originates from specific sources such as Evian is expensive because they use one of a kind water sources. No other brand has permission to bottle water from these sources. Hence, the extra cost of Evian Water comes from making sure that the spring stays clean and protected at all times.

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What does Evian Water Contain?

Evian Water boasts an ideal blend of naturally occurring electrolytes and minerals that contribute towards Evian’s crisp and fresh taste. The mineral composition of the water in milligrams per liter includes Calcium (80), Magnesium (26), Chloride(10), Bicarbonates (360), Sulfates(14), Potassium(1) and Silica(15). Check out the quality report for Evian Water here.

Evian Water Bottles

Evian primarily makes use of polyethylene terephthalate bottles that happen to be the most recyclable bottle across the world. Limited Edition glass bottles have also been used in the past for selling Evian Water. Evian announced in 2018 that it would make all of its plastic bottles from 100 percent recycled plastic by 2025. 

Other Characteristics of Evian Water

Evian has a distinctive salted tasted because it has a plethora of minerals and is very hard water.  It can quench your thirst quickly due to its hardness. Evian Water is not alkaline and is neutral in its pH (pH ranging between 7 and 7.2).

Benefits of Evian Water

Evian holds the distinction of having one of the lowest mineral contents (lower than 500 milligrams per liter) on the market. And offers the perfect mineral content. The weakest kidneys easily absorb this. 

This unique composition makes Evian water an ideal choice for many consumers. Evian Water is also highly recommended for babies and breastfeeding mothers.

For Evian home and office water delivery, you can arrange your delivery through Amazon. There are different sizes and packages:

Essentia Water

Where does Essentia Water Come From?

Essentia Water is an ionized alkaline water brand and has its headquarters in Washington, USA. They use local water supplies that go through a unique 3-step proprietary process. This process transforms the water into ionized alkaline water that is supercharged with a pH of 9.5 or more.

What is Special about Essentia Water?

What sets Essentia Water apart from the other alkaline water brands? It is its unique and innovative ionization process through which it achieves its pH level of 9.5 or higher. Most of the alkaline water brands achieve a higher pH by the adding of minerals such as electrolytes. 

Essentia Water, however, makes use of its proprietary ionization process to accomplish the same feat. This unique process gets rids of the sour-tasting acidic ions and bumps up the pH level of the water to 9.5 or more. 

To enjoy the superior taste of Essentia Water, be sure to fill the form and have the bottled Essentia Water delivered to your office!

How is Essentia Water Made and What Does it Contain?

As stated above, Essentia Water uses a one of a kind three-step process to create its superior hydrating water. The first step in the process is the purification stage, which involves the removal of unwanted particles by reverse osmosis and microfiltration. This makes the Essentia Water pure.

After the purification, small quantities of electrolytes such as Calcium Chloride and Sodium Bicarbonate are added to the water (0.008 percent in 1 liter of Essentia Water). These electrolytes not only enhance the taste of the water but complement the water’s natural composition as well. Check out the quality report for Essentia Water here

In the final stage, the ionization process removes all the bitter, acidic ions. The result is water with a pH of 9.5 or more.

Type of Essentia Water Bottles

Essentia Water uses bottles that are PET -1  plastic (Polyethylene Terephthalate), which is phthalate and BPA free. All Essentia Water bottles are 100 percent recyclable. In fact, Essentia encourages consumers to recycle the bottles instead of discarding them away.

 Here is the most popular sizes of Essentia Water delivery from amazon:

Benefits of Essentia Water

Alkaline water such as Essentia Water can significantly boost cardiovascular function. And help individuals who consume the water retain more fluids in their bodies. This ultimately leads to more efficient rehydration than regular bottled water. Furthermore, highly alkaline water can provide resistance to cancer and boosts your immune system.

Pricing of Essentia Water may differ as individual water delivery services set their pricing in different locations. Be sure to complete the form to get the price quotes for various water to deliver services.

Acqua Panna

Where is Acqua Panna sourced?

A mineral water brand, Acqua Panna, is based, sourced, and bottled in Tuscany, Italy. The precise source of the Acqua Panna mineral water is in the Mugello area in Tuscany at an altitude of about 1000 meters. The composition and height of the ground give a very unique and special mineral balance to the water. What you finally get is water with a superior and smooth taste that is a popular drinking choice all over the world.

What is Special about Acqua Panna?

The unique factor about Acqua Panna water is its staggering 14-year journey through the aquifer beneath the hills of Tuscany. This journey creates alkaline spring water that is smooth tasting and has the ideal mineral composition.

Acqua Panna’s Filtration Process and its Ingredients

Competent geologists monitor the spring water sources of Acqua Panna water frequently to ensure the quality of the water is maintained. Moreover, the spring water is collected by modern equipment to prevent the likelihood of contamination.

Then, the water is transported to the Acqua Panna water plant where the Quality Assurance Department tests water samples for any signs of contamination. And use cutting edge filtration equipment to remove any sand or other unwanted particles that might be present in the water. Overall, the water quality control process is very stringent that ensures the purity of the Acqua Panna water.

As far as mineral composition is concerned, Acqua Panna water has a perfect blend of magnesium, potassium, calcium, chloride, sulfate, and sodium. Check out the quality report for Acqua Panna Water here

Characteristics of Acqua Panna Water

  • Acqua Panna water is moderately hard (103 milligrams per liter).
  • It is alkaline with a pH of approximately 8.2.
  • Consumers claim that Acqua Panna water has a very crisp and smooth taste.

Types of Acqua Panna Bottles

Acqua Panna uses a variety of sizes for both its glass and plastic bottles, and all the bottles are BPA free. Moreover, Acqua Panna mineral water only uses 100 percent recyclable materials for its water bottle packaging.

Benefits of Acqua Panna

Apart from its smooth taste, Acqua Panna has the perfect blend of minerals with zero presence of contaminants. Hence, Acqua Panna mineral water is clean and fresh. Moreover, owing to its alkaline nature, it helps to mitigate the acidity in the human body.

Just Water

Where Does Just Water Originate from?

Just water holds the distinction of being 100 percent spring water and is sourced from Glen Falls. This waterfall is at the base of the Adirondack Mountains in NYC (New York City)

What is Special about Just Water?

What makes Just Water different from most of the other water brands is its non-profit business model. Just water strives to create a positive impact on the environment by advocating the need for water sustainability and providing affordable water for everyone.

If you are an environmentalist and would like to drink Just Water, you can order it in two variations: Premium Pure Still Spring and Just Water Flavor Sampler Pack.

How Is Just Water Filtered, and What Does it Contain?

The spring water is transported to the Just Water plants after it is sourced from Glen Falls. Just Water plants make use of microfilters and Ultraviolet light rays to remove the presence of bacteria and other unwanted sediments. This ensures the water is clean and pure.

Just water has low mineral content and contains naturally occurring electrolytes that contribute to the water’s soft taste. The electrolyte composition is as follows:

  • Calcium (17 milligrams per liter)
  • Magnesium (4 milligrams per liter)
  • Potassium (0.08 milligrams per liter)
  • Sodium (3.6 milligrams per liter)
  • Bicarbonate (68 milligrams per liter)

The overall electrolyte presence in Just Water is approximately 71.7 milligrams per liter.

Characteristics of Just Water

  • With a pH of 8, Just water is naturally alkaline
  • It is also moderately hard.
  • The water has a crisp and fresh taste.

Types of Just Water bottles

Just water is packaged in paper-based bottles. This paper comes from renewable resources to alleviate the environmental impact. Furthermore, all Just Water bottles are 100 percent free of BPA (Bisphenol A) and recyclable as well. In fact, Just Water strongly encourages people to recycle their water bottles.

Benefits of Drinking Just Water

Just water is clean and pure because it is 100 percent spring water. Furthermore, Just water is rich in calcium and bicarbonate. The former helps to strengthen your bones and keeps your heart in good condition. Bicarbonate, on the other hand, helps neutralize the acidity in your stomach.

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Mountain Valley Spring Bottled Water

Where Does Mountain Valley Spring Water Come From?

An American brand of pure spring water, Mountain Valley Spring water is bottled in Hot Springs in the state of Arkansas. To be more precise, this water originates at a protect spring that is roughly 12 miles from the central region of Hot Springs.

What is Special about the Mountain Valley Spring Water?

Mountain Valley Spring water is popular as the best tasting American bottled water. This recognition positions Mountain Valley Spring water head and shoulders above all the other American water brands.

How Is the Mountain Valley Spring Water Made and What Does It Contain?

As mentioned earlier, Mountain Valley Spring water is bottled even today from the natural spring source that originates deep underground within the valley’s geologic formation that is granite-based. This gives Mountain Valley Spring water its unique taste profile and mineral composition.

Mountain Valley Spring water possesses a perfect blend of calcium, magnesium, and potassium. The other minerals present in the water include Silica, Bicarbonate, Chloride, and sulfate.

Characteristics of Mountain Valley Spring Water

  • Mountain Valley Spring water has a pH of 7.8 that makes it slightly alkaline.
  • Mountain Valley Spring water is very hard water (210 milligrams per liter)
  • Most of the people who regularly drink Mountain Valley Spring Water say it has a hint of sweet taste. 
  • Check out the quality report for Mountain Valley Water here

Types of Mountain Valley Spring Water Bottles

Mountain Valley Spring water is available in both glass and plastic bottles that use 25 percent recycled PET.  The plastic bottles are BPA free, as well.

Health Benefits of Drinking Mountain Valley Spring Water

Recently conducted clinical tests showed that drinking Mountain Valley Spring water helps you to avoid rheumatism and liver and kidney disorders.


Where Does S Pellegrino Mineral Water Come From?

Pellegrino is a superior quality mineral water brand based in Italy. The company uses natural springs for sourcing this water originates in Italian Alps. When the water surfaces, it is very sparkling and well supplemented with mineral salts. 

What Is Special about the S Pellegrino Water?

The source of S Pellegrino has a very rich history, and the S Pellegrino water has been originating from the same natural spring for more than 500 years. Moreover, the water is naturally filtered by the Italian Alps rocks for a staggering 30 years before it makes its way to is a bottle. 

How Is the S Pellegrino Water Made and What Does It Contain?

As stated above, the S Pellegrino Water spends around three decades inside the earth’s surface. This journey mineralizes the water via contact with underground volcanic rocks and limestone. The water then flows to an aquifer.

The most abundant minerals present in S Pellegrino Water include Sulphates, Chloride, Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium, and Calcium.

Characteristics of S.Pellegrino Water

  • S Pellegrino Water is hard water.
  • The addition of carbon dioxide in the water makes it crisper and slightly sweeter than flat water
  • With a pH of 5.6, S Pellegrino Water is acidic
  • Check out the quality report for S.Pellegrino Water here

Types of S Pellegrino Water Bottles

S Pellegrino Water is sold in a broad range of glass and plastic bottles. S Pellegrino is a strong proponent of green packaging. Its plastic bottles are 100 percent BPA free and recyclable as well.

Benefits of Drinking S Pellegrino Water

Pellegrino is hard water and can drastically improve our body’s performance. S Pellegrino Water comprises around 460 milligrams of sulfates/liter. This high content of sulfates helps our nervous system, muscles, and joints to perform optimally.


Where Does Perrier Mineral Water Come From?

Perrier is a popular French brand of natural mineral water. The spring source of this water called Perrier is present in Vergeze, a commune situated in the Gard department in the south of France.

What is Special about Perrier Water?

What sets Perrier water apart from the other water brands is its distinctive bottle design. And the fact that it has higher levels of carbonation than the majority of the other natural mineral water brands.

How Is the Perrier Water Made and What Does It Contain?

Perrier sources its water from a naturally carbonated spring. The company collects natural carbon dioxide gas and water separately. The next step is water purification with the addition of carbon dioxide during the bottling stage. The company completes this phase in a way that the carbonation level in bottled Perrier water precisely matches that of the source spring.

Perrier water comprises several minerals that include Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Bicarbonate, Sulfate and Chloride. Bicarbonate (390 milligrams per liter) and Calcium (147 milligrams per liter) are the highest concentration minerals present in the water.

Characteristics of Perrier Water

  • Perrier has a pH of around six. Hence, it is acidic.
  • Perrier is very hard water (380 milligrams per liter)
  • Perrier water has a thick and dense taste owing to the presence of bubbles inside.
  • Check out the quality report for Perrier Water here

Types of Perrier Water Bottles

Perrier water bottles make use of two layers of PET plastic to package its bottles. The plastic used is completely BPA free and 100 percent recyclable.

Benefits of Drinking Perrier Water

Perrier sparkling mineral water flushes toxins from the human body more effectively than normal water. Perrier spring water also has zero calories. Low-calorie waters have numerous benefits, such as a lower risk of cancer and longer lives. Moreover, Perrier water is carbonated water that improves the condition of your heart.

Final Thoughts

All of these brands are great in their own right. Which one you pick depends on the type of water you like, the taste that feels pleasant in your mouth, and the kind of water that benefits you the most. The best thing is that most of these water brands can be delivered to not just your home but offices as well. So, pick the one that you think will be best for you and make the biggest yet the simplest healthy lifestyle choice today.

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