Top 5 Best Bottled Water Delivery Services In U.S.

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Best features of the first companies with water delivery services. The guide on how to select the best water delivery company in the U.S.

Spring Water Bottles For Delivery

What is a water delivery service

There is nothing wrong with tap water, but bottled water has become a preference for millions of people around the world. Based on the increasing number of bottled water users, it would be fair to say that bottled water is far better than tap water. 

There are several reasons behind it. All the top bottled water services dedicate to providing their customers with the best quality of water. They take care of small details to make the water as pure and clean as possible.

When you order bottled water, you can also choose the type that suits your body and lifestyle the best. If tap water is too acidic in your area, you can order alkaline water. Also, if you want to get more minerals for your body, there are choices of spring or mineral water. 

Compare the process to how tap water is delivered, and you will see that there isn’t as much check and balance. Therefore, if you care about what you put in your body, choosing bottled water from a reliable service would be a great idea.

The Best Office Water Delivery In Your Location

- How to order a water delivery -

Water delivery has become extremely common these days. As people become more conscious about their health, they make wiser lifestyle choices by getting bottled water delivered to their homes. 

All you have to do for receiving bottled water is complete the form above and decide a monthly or yearly plan that suits you the most. Firstly you’ll need to consider the delivery location, timing, and the number of bottles that you want to receive. You can obtain big gallons to set on top of your water dispenser or order cases of smaller containers that you can carry with you.

- How much water do you need for delivery -

The number of bottles that you want to receive wholly depends on you. Think about the number of people who will be consuming it. And if you happen to be ordering for an office that has many workers, then obviously, you will need to order a larger quantity.

However, you will not require as many bottles for home use. A family of 5 would do just fine with 5 to 6 5-gallon water jugs every month. Read more in our bottled water delivery buyers guide.

Always go for reliable water delivery services. They make sure that their water is pure, delivered on time, and has the added nutrients for improving overall health. If you are looking for the best water delivery service in the U.S., do not worry, as this article will discuss them in detail.

Let’s take a look at the top water delivery companies:

Costco Water Delivery

Costco Water has been a great option for many people for many years. The company supplies various brands of bottled water through the best beverage delivery companies. DS service of America or, in some cases, ReadyRefresh.

And if you are a Gold Star Member or a Costco Executive Member, you will find information related to their water delivery service. Just a few easy steps and you will get drinking water delivery service to your workplace or home.

- Costco membership and water delivery -

Prices to subscribe for a gold star or business membership is 60$, and for executive membership, it is 120$. So, if you are already the member, it will be the best water delivery service for you because you have access to exclusive prices from Costco.

In case you don’t have a membership, you will need to make an upfront payment for the annual subscription of Costco. Of course, it is a commitment but also a privilege. Water delivery for office or home it doesn’t matter you can get as much bottled water as you need. `If you want to figure out what type, and how much water you need, please check out our guide on how to choose a water delivery service.

- Costco water delivery features -

As usual, you can get water in different sizes, and of course, they have a variety of water dispensers and coolers. Also, you can buy bottom load dispensers for fitting 5-gallon bottles in them. However, the cost of the plan increases with each water dispenser.

In addition, Costco water provides its members with 400 cups in a pair of four separate sleeves and two half-liter cases for free on the first delivery. If you get an executive membership, you will get two single-serve cases of half a liter on every membership anniversary. As you may know, Costco water offers several water brands.

  • Sparkletts
  • Mount Olympus
  • Sierra Springs
  • Nursery (best for infants)
  • Kentwood Springs
  • Hinckley Springs
  • Deep Rock Water
  • Crystal Springs
  • Belmont Springs
  • Athena
  • Alhambra

Artisan, distilled, fluoridated, spring, and purified water are some options that you will see these brands offering. With a range as wide as this, you will be able to choose what suits you best. However, keep in mind that some brands may not be available in particular areas. You can find out what is available in your area and what is not as Costco requires.

Culligan Water Delivery Service

Culligan is a renowned international water delivery brand. Their filtered water is widely popular in the US because of its purity and quality. Distilled, demineralized, spring, filtered, and reverse osmosis filtered water are available for delivery from this company. 

Customer service is one of Culligan’s strongest points. They emphasize it to ensure their order reaches customers’ doorsteps on time and fulfill all their drinking water needs without worries. The water delivery service sends a water expert for helping you decide the water that would best suit your needs. These kinds of services make Culligan superior to many of its competitors.


- Culligan water delivery features -

The Culligan delivery service requires a monthly fee for supplying coolers and bottled waters to offices and residences. After signing up, the prices for subscription covers rental and costs for the cooler along with its installation. 

Once you decide your schedule with Culligan, the company will deliver the water at the selected time. Culligan also offers supplemental services to meet your temporary water needs. Especially it will come in handy for vacations and holidays.

If you do not want to make an upfront payment for your water cooler, the company gives you the option of renting it. Culligan also caters to people who like to keep things environmentally friendly by providing bottle-free coolers for reducing plastic cost and waste.

- Culligan water delivery cost -

The starting prices for this water delivery service are 9.99 dollars/month. The price could vary by location and the water’s quantity. Rates for delivering water to New York City could be slightly higher. 

Culligan offers a lot of flexibility to its customers when it comes to the water delivery schedule. Few companies offer this extra benefit.

If you prefer to have a particular type or a specific brand of water, such as sparkling water, it would be advisable to look for other services. Culligan’s primary focus is to provide pure, clean, and filtered water.

Nestle Water Delivery

Nestle is another recognizable name in the water delivery service around the world. The company’s twelve-step quality assurance process is a big reason why people rely on their bottled water. Nestle sources water from municipal supplies and wells and puts it through a strict quality assurance process. As a result, the company maintains its high standard for clean and refreshing bottled water.

- Nestle water service features -

Also, they add minerals for some nutritious benefits to its water. The water goes through strict scientific lab tests to see that the right quantity of minerals is present in the water. You can get Nestle water home delivery directly to your doorstep with the company’s Ready Refresh delivery service. With this service, you will receive the same excellent products that you expect from Nestle.

The company delivers cases of 5-gallon Nestle Pure bottles of purified water as well as small bottled water of different brands. Ready Refresh makes sure that your delivery will be there right on time. Also, the bottles from Ready Refresh will be of the highest quality, as Nestle makes sure that all of its packagings are leak-free and easily recyclable.

Moreover, the company sanitizes these bottles to keep them as clean as possible. The sanitization does not affect the water’s quality. 

You can even make changes to your delivery program online if your schedule changes or if you are relocating somewhere. Also, you can get your water delivered at multiple addresses like your house and your workplace. But you will need to set up an additional account for this because, with a single account, the company only delivers water to a single address.

Poland Spring Delivery

Spring water has gained a lot of popularity over the years. It is slowly becoming the go-to choice for people in America.

If you happen to be a proponent of spring water as well, then choose Poland Spring delivery. Just like Nestle, you can order Poland Spring water through Ready Refresh. All you have to do is fill the online requirements. And provide details regarding the time and place of delivery along with the number of bottles you want.

- Poland Spring delivery features -

You will get a 50-dollar discount for your first delivery when you order from Poland Spring. Just like most companies, Poland Spring provides small, 3-gallon, and 5-gallon water bottles. The company sources its water from Maine’s natural springs. Pure and refreshing, it is perfect for busy families and offices.

Moreover, you will find a natural balance of minerals inside this water. It gives the water a refreshing, crisp, and pure taste. Poland Springs cares about the environment, which is why its bottles are entirely recyclable. The company’s customer service is also excellent as its representatives are always there to help you with your problems and queries.

Poland Springs maintains its water quality by testing every batch of its spring water for impurities. The strict standards that the company has set ensure that the water’s quality is always consistent. Additionally, the packaging is also of the highest quality, as you will not see any room for leakage, no matter where you store your bottles or jugs.

Crystal Springs Water Delivery

Countless homes and businesses in America get their purified water delivered by Crystal Springs Water Delivery service. The company provides numerous varieties of individual serving bottles along with the usual three and 5-gallon bottles that go on top of water coolers.

- Crystal Springs delivery features -

The company provides flexible plans to its customers, making the subscription to their service easier. Skipping deliveries is an additional option provided by Crystal Springs. Customers can also change the number of bottles they want to be delivered. 

Therefore, if you are looking for a water delivery service that offers a lot of flexibility, Crystal Springs is the way to go. You will get discounted rates if you choose longer subscriptions. And this company delivers its purified water all across the nation.

Nevertheless, it would be wise to double-check whether the company delivers to your particular location or not. Just complete our Free Quote. 

You will require a water cooler for three and five-gallon bottles, which you can also get from Crystal Springs. You can either purchase them or rent them. The water cooler models are different. Therefore, you have the option of choosing according to your convenience.

Distiller water, artesian water, fluoridated, spring, and purified water selections are present at Crystal Spring’s disposal to match your preferences, taste, and health needs. However, it would be wise to consult your doctor to make sure whether fluoridated water would be good for your health or not. 

Crystal Springs offers a variety of delivery subscriptions, water dispensers, and bottled water to most cities in the U.S. You will find separate plans for offices and homes. Midsize and small businesses will especially benefit from this company’s water delivery services.

The Best Water Delivery Company

While all of these companies have their strengths, Culligan Water Delivery can stand out as the best for a few reasons. First of all, the company has a particular focus on environmentally friendly services. Secondly, their prices are quite reasonable for whichever type of bottle you choose. 

Furthermore, you have the renting option for getting the water cooler if you can’t afford it upfront. Also, you can adjust the delivery schedule according to your specific requirements. All in all, the company has a particular focus on its customers’ needs that other water delivery services haven’t yet achieved.

Bottom line

The above-mentioned water delivery services are among the most reliable in the U.S. They supply fresh bottled water to places like New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Sacramento, Denver, San Diego, Las Vegas, Scottsdale, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida, among many others. Moreover, their quality is excellent, and the prices are reasonable, considering their widely recognized brand names.

Word of advice: you should always choose the delivery service nearest to the location of delivery. There will be no delays in delivery because of the small distance, and you will never need to worry about water shortage.

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