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Spring Water – What Is It?

Spring water delivery has become a common choice for a lot of people who prefer drinking bottled water. Some of them know everything about spring water, while others just follow the trend. If you happen to be someone who doesn’t know what spring water is, we have your back.

Essentially, spring water comes from an underground source. Sometimes, it is purified and treated by water companies. However, some companies avoid this process to maintain the water’s natural integrity.

Spring water has an appeal that is unparalleled by other types of water. People often imagine that their spring water comes rushing from tall mountains with snowcaps.

But in reality, spring water comes from springs, unless the water bottle makes a false claim. There were a few cases where companies sold tap water by advertising it as spring water. However, you don’t have to worry about drinking poor-quality water or choosing the wrong water delivery company. Continue to read further to find out about the best and most reliable spring water delivery services. 

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- Where does spring water come from? -

Springs are a result of a natural phenomenon in which immense water pressure pushes groundwater to the surface of the earth.

At first, rainwater enters an aquifer, which is an underground reservoir of water. The addition of rainwater in this reservoir causes pressure on the existing pool. Because of this pressure, the water moves through tunnels and cracks and eventually flows out to the surface naturally. The exact spots from where this water comes are known as springs.

Spring water has different kinds of minerals that dissolve in it as it moves through underground rocks. The dissolution of minerals gives the water a unique flavor. Sometimes, it even gets carbon dioxide bubbles. The formation of these bubbles depends upon the nature of the area across which the bubbles pass through.

- Different types of springs -

Any spring that has a significant quantity of minerals is known as a mineral spring. If a spring does not have mineral content, you’d call it a sweet spring. Surprisingly, you have soda springs too. These springs have huge quantities of dissolved sodium salts in them.

Spring water is mostly clear. However, the water from a spring can sometimes have color due to a large number of minerals in it. For example, water containing tannins and iron can be orange in color.

Many places in the United States that carry spring outflows to primary streams nearby; you can refer to them as spring branches.

- Is spring water good for you? -

It does not matter what kind of water you drink. As long as it is clean and free from impurities, you can drink it without any worries.

Since this article purely discusses spring water, you might be curious about whether spring water is safe to drink or not. Well, the short answer is, yes. As long as a company sources spring water from clean areas, it is safe to drink. Not only is it safe, but it also has numerous health benefits.

Spring water, in its purest form, comes from artesian springs and mountains. It is incredibly clean if the company sources it naturally and without the use of harsh chemicals.

You must be aware that water is one of the most critical elements of our daily lives. All it takes is just a small bit of dehydration to derail our body’s function and our performance in any endeavor. Without clean water, the body finds it challenging to recover optimally.

Spring water does all the things that regular tap water does, but it goes a little further. It has several minerals dissolved in it that add more value to the water.

So you will be getting twice the benefits of regular water from spring water. It replenishes you and keeps you active for a significantly longer period. And since it is one of the purest forms of water, you will be getting the most real kind of water there is.

No damaging chemicals are inside the water to alter its taste and nutritional value. The minerals in spring water are naturally higher in quantity than they are in other forms of drinking water. It is because the water accumulates minerals naturally from different rocks.

- What pH does spring water have? -

The pH levels of Spring water are not constant. Bottled spring water usually has a higher pH level than the natural spring water. In most cases, the pH level of Spring water in bottles is somewhere between 6 to 10, while the pH level of flowing spring water is usually around 6 to 8. The pH also varies from company to company. Some companies offer spring water with high pH levels, while others keep it on the lower side.

Spring Water Benefits

A key benefit of spring water is that most companies derive it from natural clean water sources. Therefore, there is no need to worry about contaminants making the water unclean. As mentioned earlier, several health-friendly minerals are present in spring water.

In most cases, if the water is mineral-rich, it will generally have a slightly alkaline or neutral pH level. By drinking spring water, you will be able to neutralize your body’s acidity and cut down on free radical damage significantly. Plus, it is also valid for keeping teeth and bones dense and healthy.

A lot of people drink spring water because of its refreshing and clean taste. The taste is unparalleled when you compare it to other waters. If it tastes good, people usually tend to drink it even more. The most basic foundation of our health is drinking water daily, and what better way to improve our health than by drinking spring water.

People have been drinking spring water forever. Unfortunately, not everyone has the privilege of living near natural springs. That’s why you will find tons of companies that specialize in spring water sourcing and supplying it in bottles of various sizes.

Some companies deliver this water in large stainless steel tankers. These tanks are food grade and perfect for addressing bulk needs.

It is important to remember that not every bottle of spring water will give you the refreshing benefits of pure and natural spring water. Therefore, it would be wise to choose bottled spring water from services that do not treat it with chemicals. And cause it to lose its natural benefits. UV light to eradicate bacteria is an acceptable process to purify the water and doesn’t alter the water’s taste, nutrients, or composition.

- Properties of spring water -

Following are a few essential properties that make spring water special:

  • There is natural alkalinity in pure spring water that is well suited for your body.
  • The purest form of spring water comes from natural springs. It does not undergo compositional changes.
  • The water is free from pollutants, sparkling clean, and completely healthy.
  • An excellent way to identify clean spring water is by its taste. You will have a hard time finding the freshness of spring water in other water types.
  • Good spring water contains a perfect combination of natural minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium to impact your wellness and health positively.

Keep the factors mentioned above in mind, as they will be helpful for you to choose the best spring water.

- Health benefits -

As mentioned earlier, spring water has several health benefits. Let us discuss some of the common ones below:

  • A significant advantage that drinking spring water gives you is that it naturally detoxifies your body.
  • Spring water is great for maintaining our circulatory systems.
  • Several studies have indicated that drinking spring water is also helpful for reducing muscle and joint inflammation.
  • You will also see a massive improvement in your metabolism and digestive system by drinking spring water. It also absorbs nutrients effectively.
  • Drinking spring water is an excellent way to improve skin health. You will have glowing skin if you improve other aspects of your diet, as well.
  • Numerous researches and studies indicate that you can maintain healthy body weight by drinking good spring water. It does not matter if you are looking to lose weight or gain it. The important thing is that there are good reasons to drink pure spring water for improving your overall health. 
  • This water has excellent taste. You can even use it to make your coffee or tea taste significantly better
  • When you drink spring water, you are drinking water in the purest form, how nature intends it to be.
  • Spring water is not just beneficial for adults, but it is also equally beneficial for newborns as there is no safety hazard.
  • There are no toxins or contaminants present in genuine spring water
  • Calcium and magnesium levels in spring water are on the higher side. Plus, it also has balanced pH levels.
  • Drinking spring water promotes cell growth due to its excellent mineral composition.

Spring water packs vital energy that helps the human body to thrive. Therefore, drinking it recharges your body in many different ways. There is also a belief that spring water can restore your health and bring it back to a natural and balanced state.

Is Spring Water The Best Water To Drink?

With a variety of water types available for people to drink, they often wonder which of them would benefit them the most. Some people even ask if spring water would be the best option for them to drink or not. Well, the answer to that is not that simple. Just like every other thing in life, some variables determine whether something is right for you or not. 

There are certain situations where drinking spring water may be your best choice, while in some cases, it will not suit you. The situation where spring water would suit you the most, it’s when you can get natural spring water that goes through various tests to eliminate contaminants. Therefore, you should get bottled spring water from best water delivery companies.

- Why you should be careful when buying spring water -

A big reason why you should be extremely careful when buying spring water is that it is difficult to find out the quality that you are going to get. Many small and less-known companies are supplying spring water without any regulation. It gives these companies the leeway to brand their products as spring water even though they have not collected the water from natural springs. Additionally, many companies market their bottles by suggesting that they collect water from clean and fresh sources, which is not always untrue.

You may be surprised to find out that close to 40 percent of bottled water consists of tap water regardless of what the ads say. To make things worse, some companies add chlorine and chemical disinfectants in their bottled spring water.

- Spring water with purified water -

There is a major difference between purified water and spring water. The filtration of purified water takes place for removing contaminants like pollutants, metals, parasites, fungi, algae, and bacteria. During filtration, companies remove chemicals like chlorine from it.

Usually, purified water comes from tap or groundwater. On the other hand, spring water usually comes from natural aquifers present underground. This water does not go through any harsh chemical treatment and is safe to drink.

- Spring water with distilled water -

Spring water is usually sourced from pristine places and offers unique taste and qualities. The nutritional makeup of it is ten times higher in comparison to distilled water. Sulfates, sodium, nitrate, magnesium, chloride bicarbonate, and calcium are some naturally occurring minerals in spring water. 

Distilled water, on the other hand, comes from municipal sources. It goes through a process of boiling and condensing, called distillation. This process removes all-natural minerals from distilled water. Sure, you can drink distilled water in some cases.

But remember that it does not have beneficial minerals. So distilled water mostly used in medical industries because of the extreme purity of it.

- Spring water with mineral water -

So underground formations known as springs deliver spring water. The water flows naturally and comes out from various identified locations. Sometimes it is also derived from humanmade holes.

Mineral water is also collected from physically and geologically protected underground sources. However, it is different from spring water because it contains much higher levels of trace elements and minerals attained from the area where companies or individuals source the water.

- Spring water with alkaline water -

Also, waters from different sources have a different pH level. Some of them are more alkaline, some are less, and some are not alkaline at all. There is natural alkaline water on the market. We compare a few Alkaline Water Delivery companies in another article for you.


- Spring water delivery cost -

The price of the water delivery service mainly depends on your location. It is our goal to compare different delivery companies in the U.S. So complete the form, and you will receive top services quote and their prices for your Zip Code. 

Also, there is an article Bottled Water Delivery Price and types that will give you an understanding of how does prising for water delivery work.

Top 7 Spring Water Delivery Services

- Why you should be careful when choosing spring water delivery service -

There is no shortage of water delivery service in the United States. There are tons of them, and they deliver in a wide range of areas. However, not all of them may provide spring water. More importantly, some might not be delivering pure water, which can be extremely tough to identify. 

As we told you earlier in this article, we will provide you a list of reputable and trustworthy water delivery services that have spring water as well. They deliver spring water in most parts of America, making sure that the quality of water is excellent and the delivery’s timing is perfect. Following are some of the best spring water delivery services in America:

- DS Services of America -

DS Services is a renowned water delivery service that a lot of Americans rely on. Its ultimate goal is to provide convenience to its customers. There are different sizes of spring water bottle cases that the company offers: Half-liter, 25 lbs, and 5-gallon returnable bottles. Those are some common options that the DS Services of America provides.

You will not need to carry these bottles inside the house as the service’s friendly sales representatives will do that job for you. They deliver the bottles right at your home or office’s doorstep.

- Ready Refresh

You won’t find many companies that deliver spring water better than Ready Refresh. It is a reliable American water delivery service that provides nothing but the purest brands of spring water. The service provides big as well as small spring water bottles according to its customer’s requests. You can even order spring water containers big enough to fit your dispensers.

The prices that Ready Refresh offers are market-appropriate, and their customer service is unparalleled. Also, they provide a verity of dispensers if you want.

- Twin Rocks Natural Spring Water -

This renowned water delivery service supplies spring water to various places in America. You can complete our form to find out whether it delivers in your area or not.

The company rates is high because of its excellent customer services. There are thousands of loyal customers of Twin Rocks natural spring water in America. The water is naturally refreshing and is free from harmful additives and full of naturally occurring beneficial minerals.

- Dove Water -

If you are looking for a spring water delivery service that cares about the environment as well, then Dove Water would be an ideal choice. Besides providing natural spring water, the company also focuses on carbon footprint reduction. It achieves this by reducing energy consumption through its energy star coolers. Plus, Dove Water is also a cost-effective option as it lets you save around 70 percent on the delivery cost of your previous supply.

- Culligan water delivery -

This world-renowned water delivery service requires no introduction. The years of presence in the water delivery landscape speaks for itself. Rarely will you find a place in America where Culligan does not deliver its famous genuine spring water? Its ethical sourcing and water sanitizing methods are second to none.

Moreover, the company also makes sure that it retains most of the beneficial naturally occurring minerals in the water to avoid any dents in the water’s quality. Culligan’s sales representatives make sure that the water delivers on time. And its customers receive all the necessary help and guidance they need regarding spring or any other type of drinking water.

- The Manhattan Water Company -

This company supplies an excellent quality of local natural spring water in NY, NJ, and PA. It harvests it from upstate New York’s Catskill Mountain and delivers the water in various bottle sizes.

The 5-gallon bottle is among the most popular bottle size that the Manhattan Water Company provides. You can schedule a delivery with this service at any time you want. Customers even have the option of same-day delivery and next day delivery.

- Crystal Springs -

Crystal Springs’ bottled water delivery can be summed up in one word, and that word is convenience. The size of the bottle you are ordering will not be a problem for you as this service’s salesmen will do the job for you.  The spring water is as fresh and genuine as it could be, and with the convenient delivery plans that this company offers you, you cannot go wrong.

Bottom Line

Drinking Spring water is an excellent choice if you want to improve your lifestyle. With so many water delivery companies delivering it to doorsteps, acquiring it will not be an issue. Go for the services mentioned in this article, and you will get the purest form of spring water delivered to virtually any place in America.

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