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The Guide On How To Choose A Water Delivery Services

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Did you ever ask yourself how to get the best drinking water? Bottled water delivery services are becoming increasingly popular. The days when people used to drink tap water are slowly fading away. Some people even used to (and in some cases still) boil their tap water and store it in their fridges. 

Those methods are not wrong, but bottled water delivery, especially from first-rate companies, makes it easier for you to get the right quality product. There are more minerals and vitamins added after careful research to improve overall wellness and health of the consumers.

It makes sense. Water is one of our primary needs. To stay healthy, you should drink it throughout the day several times. And having it readily available, nicely packaged, and convenient water containing several added minerals is a wise choice. 

So, if you are wondering about the cost and types of water delivery, here is a thorough guide that will tell you the A to Z of it in a comprehensive fashion.

The Best Office Water Delivery In Your Location

Choose The Type Of Water Delivery Service

Mostly, people order water in 5-gallons or 3-gallon bottles depending on their usage. Of course, 5-gallon water jugs are slightly expensive than 3. Primarily, it depends on the people present in your house or office. If you do not access the water system at your place often, the three-gallon bottle would be an ideal choice. However, the more access there is, the bigger size of bottled water you should have.

Ideally, you need a water dispenser or cooler to attach these five or 3-gallon bottles as they are heavy, and distributing it can get quite tricky. In case you do not have a water dispenser or cooler, don’t worry, most water suppliers have them available for you. Some of them tend to manufacture water coolers of their own. Of course, for a small additional price for it, along with the water delivery service. 

Also, some companies give their customers the option of buying crates of smaller bottles of 0.33 ml to 1.75 liters.

- Glass Bottled Water Delivery -

Many of you might not know about this, but plastic is not the only material for delivering bottled water. For example, you can order it in a glass. Friends of the environment will prefer this choice a lot. The only negative about glass-bottled water is that it is relatively fragile when you compare it to other options. However, it is not as weak as you may think, as renowned companies come up with new methods to make their glasses more durable.

Moreover, their quality control procedures help to save the distinctive taste and properties of the water. There are different sizes. You can choose either 5-gallon glass water bottle for delivery or variety of small sizes 12 to 33 ounces. Note that these are not the only sizes, but are the most common ones that people demand.

- Eco-Friendly Water Bottles -

Environmentally friendly products are essential these days. Now more than ever, people are aware of the hazards caused by cheap and degradable products. Water companies have become aware of this, as well. The sensible ones are taking the right steps to ensure that the water their customers receive is present in eco-friendly packaging. Not only is the packaging environmentally friendly, but the water itself is improved as well. 

In other words, the water is sustainable for a more extended period and more desirable for the people who order it. The packaging is biodegradable and recyclable, ensuring that the environment stays clean and free from pollution as much as possible.

Choose The Type Of Drinking Water For Office Or Home

Back in the day, water used to be simple. There were not various forms of it like they are today. Today the story is entirely different, there are several types of water, and each type has it owns unique benefit. 

You can order these types from most water delivery services. However, before you do, let us look at the common drinking water types that most services offer.

- Spring Water -

One of the most popular types of drinking water is spring water. A lot of the time, water from rain accumulates underground and arrives at the surface as springs. They are natural and do not go through water systems in communities. 

Contrary to what you may think, drinking spring water is safe as it comes from the underground and goes through a natural filtration process. And it has a lot of benefits and refreshing great taste, and it is as natural as it gets.

Also, the water is free from most contaminants, which is laudable, as it doesn’t go through the purification techniques of the modern days. That’s why, if you are looking for natural and clean water, spring water might be your choice

Besides just drinking it plainly, you can also use it for tea or brewing coffee. Mostly, spring water proponents use it for drinking and cooking but use municipal water to do their chores, gardening, or bathing. Check this out  Top 7 Spring Water Delivery Companies if you want to get the best spring water to your place.

- Alkaline Water -

Nowadays, there are scientific processes for making the water alkaline. Most companies commonly use a process known as electrolysis. It makes use of an ionizer for increasing regular water’s PH levels. Also, different springs provide water suppliers with high pH levels of water naturally. 

The main difference that alkaline water has from regular water is that its PH levels are slightly higher than other forms of drinking water. If you are wondering what PH levels are, they primarily determine the alkalinity or acidity of a substance. Zero to fourteen is the range where zero means very acidic, and fourteen says very alkaline. You can check our list of the Best Alkaline Water Delivery services. 

Besides its PH levels, alkaline water also has negative oxidation-reduction potential and minerals. They both combine to make water even healthier. The lower negative oxidation-reduction is the more antioxidant property the water has.

Most proponents of ionized water use alkaline water delivery services. They firmly believe that higher levels of PH in alkaline water help neutralize the acid present inside our bodies. They suggest alkaline water also helpful for people with conditions like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, acid reflux, etc. The American Nutrition Association has an excellent article about the importance of an alkaline diet.

- Distilled Water -

Distilled water is one of the purest types of water. It goes through distillation processes to remove salt and minerals. In this process, the water boils for separating pure H20 from contaminants and minerals. Boiling the water causes pure water to convert into steam. The steam goes from one container to the other. Than it cools down and condenses back into the liquid in a separate container. As a result, all impurities remain in the original container. Essentially, that’s how you get distilled water.

Distilled water used not only as drinking water but also a lot of laboratories and medical facilities uses it because of its outstanding purity. You can read more here.

All these three types of water are available from most water delivery services. You can order them in your preferred packaging and get them delivered right at your doorstep. Make sure that the company you choose is reputable for its quality, standards, and lab tests.

Prices of Bottled Water Delivery

Every bottled water service delivers water at different prices. So it’s natural to see variations in price from company to company. However, the changes are not as much as you would expect. There is usually a difference of a few dollars. 

If you ask yourself how much is water delivery, below are some water delivery price examples. They will give you an idea of what prices to expect from your water delivery service.

  • The cost of 5 gallons water bottle is usually around 7 – 8$;
  • A 3-gallon bottle of water will cost about 3$ to 5$.
  • If you are ordering a single case of 24 twelve-ounce water bottles, expect the price to be around 6$, but it depends on the brand, it might be even 30$;
  • The charges for home water delivery are around 45$ on average;
  • Ordering water for places with more than five people, e.g., an office, will cost you more. Let’s say, for example, you request a water delivery service to send you water for ten to twenty people monthly. The average cost for it might be between 120$ to 130$;

So, several factors come into consideration when determining the price of bottled water. Mostly, people like to order in bulk. Therefore, cost per bottle is what most water delivery services go by. Every size of the water bottle has a different price. The more amount you need for delivery, the lower it will cost you overall. 

But the main component of the price is the brand. Some companies spend a lot of effort to make water the best for you, that’s why the cost of their water is different. 

Main Bottled Water Suppliers In USA

Several companies deliver bottled water. Of course, you may find their prices to be slightly different from each other, but they are more or less the same. Mentioned below are some of the biggest bottled water suppliers that also deliver to doorsteps all over America.

- Crystal Springs -

One of the best beverage providers in the US is Crystal Springs. Their service is extremely professional. Crystal Springs offers the utmost convenience in delivering various beverages to offices and homes in America. 

Their water tastes great and is highly nutritious. The route sales representatives of this water delivery company are incredibly professional and will answer any questions with ease. Crystal springs deliver bottles in 0.5 liters, 25 pounds, and 5 gallons.

- Culligan Water Delivery -

Culligan is an excellent water delivery service that operates internationally. Several American households and offices rely on Culligan for fulfilling their drinking water needs. The ethically sourced water of this company is completely pure and free from pollutants and any other harmful elements as some of the finest scientists working today to test it regularly.

- Nestle Water Delivery -

Nestle is a name that does not need any introduction. The company has made a huge name in the beverage world and has been present for ages. You can even get nestle water delivered to your doorstep with ease. The company follows all the necessary procedures to make sure that it complies with all the regulations for producing clean drinking water.

- Poland Spring Delivery -

This company delivers one of the best water to drink. Their direct water delivery service is efficient and quick. Also, the company wins its customer’s trust by not charging any delivery fee for their first order. Moreover, their rates are affordable, and the water is exceptionally pure and has a delicious taste.

- Costco Bottled Water Delivery -

Costco offers its customers the perk of delivering lean and refreshing bottled water to every home in America. Convenient and affordable delivery ensures that the product arrives on time. All you have to do is order from Costco (if you have the membership), and their sales representatives will take care of the rest.

 Bottom Line

Reading this guide will provide you with all the knowledge necessary for getting your favorite type of bottled water delivered by the best water delivery services operating in America. Also, you will be able to make a well-informed decision regarding what type and quantity of water would suit your needs the best.

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