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If you are looking for information about alkaline water, this guide is the right place. There are many alkaline water delivery services all over the USA. The growth of the ionized water market is bigger than ever. More and more people have started to use alkaline water on a regular basis. 

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But every company has something different in their product. They use some ingredients to make it safer and preserve it from harmful agents. Therefore, you must have complete knowledge of what you are about to get before blindly ordering from any alkaline water delivery service.

So if you want to buy good quality alkaline water, our eight water delivery companies buyer’s guide will inform you all about it. Its benefits and the best water suppliers that deliver alkaline water, especially if you happen to be a resident of New York.

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Alkaline Bottled Water Buyers' Guide

People who like to drink alkaline or ionized water believe in the benefits it has. According to the Journal of Environmental and Public Health, high pH water can improve the pH levels for your body, makes you look younger, and shields your body from diseases. So some of you may be wondering, what exactly is alkaline water?

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Understand the pH Level

Well, the term alkaline refers to the pH level present inside the water. A pH level is a number for measuring how acidic or basic the water is on a scale that begins on 0 and ends at 14.  For instance, if there is something that has a pH level 1, it will be extremely acidic. However, if a substance has a pH level of more than 7, it would be considered to be alkaline.

Pick The Right Size Of Water Bottle For Delivery

You can receive your alkaline water delivery in different bottle sizes. So pick the right size based on your needs. The bigger the bottle, the less frequently you will need to replace it with a new one. At the same time, a bigger bottle will always have different prices over a small one. But also don’t forget about the weight of the bottle. The 5-gallon water jug weighs about 40 pounds.

Bottles of different sizes

Choose Water Delivery Type

Another important consideration when picking an alkaline water delivery service is the different types of delivery companies provide. Will they leave water bottles at your doorstep? If that’s the case, you will have to do all the heavy work on your own. What if you are not home when the bottles arrive? It’s easier if you want the water bottles delivered to your office or home daily. Someone will have to lift the heavy bottles over and over every day. 

5 gallon water jugs

However, you can avoid all of that if you pick the right company. Bottled water delivery service from our list will deliver the bottle inside the premises. They can mount the bottle on the dispenser if you want.

The Price of Delivery for Alkaline Water

The most important factor when it comes to buying ionized water is alkaline water delivery costs, especially if you live in a big city like NYC. Price plays a huge role if you consume a lot of water daily. For example, It is right for office water, where you might need multiple bottles every day. You want a package that light on your pocket and best for your home

However, since it is the water you are talking about, never compromise on the quality only to save some bucks. The cost of alkaline water may vary in different brands, expect the price to be between 13 to fifteen dollars for 5-gallon bottle. You can figure out more about bottled water delivery prices, or get a:

Our Best Top 8 Alkaline Water Suppliers In New York And New Jersey

So if you live in New York City, or you are a member of companies that provide products and services of water delivery like big stores, there are water delivery services that you should give a try. They are highly reputable among the best alkaline water delivery suppliers for homes and offices in NYC. Also, you can read an article about the Best Water Delivery Services in the USA.

1. Flow Water Delivery Company

FLOW water delivery

Flow has been a mainstay in the alkaline water supplying landscape. A lot of people in New York rely on this company to provide them alkaline water regularly.

What makes Flow so unique? Well, let’s see. First of all, water is a hundred percent organic. Secondly, the supplier makes sure that it packs the alkaline water inside an eco-friendly pack. 

Flow’s alkaline spring water has a pH level of 8.1. It also has essential minerals and electrolytes that will help you stay vitalized throughout the day. The water is non-GMO and comes in packs of twelve by 500 milliliters. 

This alkaline water delivery service stands out because it makes sure that everything from the production process to the final packaging is environmentally friendly. The packages are easily recyclable. Moreover, the B Corp certification guarantees that Flow’s alkaline water is entirely safe for consumption.

2.Hillside Water Store

Hillside water delivery

This is another high profile water delivery service that will fulfill all your daily alkaline water needs if you live in the New York area. The alkaline water that this store sells is completely purified and has water pH levels above 9.5, making it highly alkaline. It doesn’t matter whether you are ordering the water for your business or your home, Hillside Water Store will deliver it on time. This company provides water in big jugs.


Moreover, the company uses state of the art filtration methods to make sure that the water is free from harmful and toxic elements. Hillside water store also adds minerals like potassium and calcium for long-term health sustainability. The water containers that this company sends to offices or homes are usually of 5 gallons. 


The rates of this water delivery service are affordable, and the customer service is top-notch. All you have to do is give them a call, and they will respond to any query and question in little to no time.

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3. Tribeca Beverage Company

TriBeCa water delivery

If you are looking for a company that delivers pure alkaline water in New York City, the Tribeca Beverage Company is one of them. Many offices and houses rely on Tribeca Beverage Company’s consistent delivery services for fulfilling their pure alkaline water needs. The company gives three and five-gallon alkaline water containers that you can order through their website or the phone number.

Their response time is speedy, and their delivery time is even quicker. Tribeca Beverage Company also gives you the option of choosing the period of alkaline water delivery. You can order on a monthly, biweekly, or weekly basis. The company’s purified alkaline water has pH levels of 9.5, which are perfect for maintaining your organic acids.

The water goes through top-notch filtration methods and is lab-tested thoroughly to keep it free from toxic elements.

4. Aguavida

Aguavida water delivery

New York City residents are blessed to have Aguavida as a mainstay in the alkaline water delivery business. Their services are top-notch, and the alkaline water is as clean as you can expect. Aguavida focuses on ensuring that the alkaline water goes through thorough filtration processes. 

The company also gets the water tested by reputable scientists from third parties. Because of this, Aguavida has maintained its highest standards since the start of its operations.  The company uses reverse osmosis systems for eliminating dissolute solids, chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals, and lead.

Moreover, Aguavida also adds some minerals into their pure alkaline water. The minerals are added naturally and are excellent for revitalizing the body. Magnesium, potassium, and calcium are the main minerals in this company’s Alkaline water. 

The delivery service teams that Aguavida employs are some of the best. They are quick, efficient, and will get your alkaline water to your home or office at the time.

Since the company came to existence, it only operated with one goal in mind, to turn the water industry around. Its emphasis on making pure alkaline water with environmentally friendly techniques is what makes the company so great. Even the packaging of Aguavida is reusable and refillable. 

Aguavida also uses oxidation-reduction technologies for making the water bioavailable. The pH level of this company’s alkaline water is between 8.5 and 9.5.

5. Rica Water

Rica Water delivery

Rica Water is one of the biggest powerhouses in the Alkaline water industry.  The company filters the water in the house and makes sure that it is healthy, pure, and crisp. Rica water has been a family-owned business and has been around for more than thirty years. 

Rica water thrives for providing crystal clear alkaline water to different homes and offices in New York City. Just like some other renowned companies, Rica Water also purifies its water through reverse osmosis. After clearing out impurities through osmosis, the company adds some optional alkaline minerals in the water.


The price to quality ratio of Rica Water’s alkaline water is excellent. The water has an 8.5 pH level and is excellent for hydrating and detoxing the body.

6. Alka Pure Water

Alka Pure water delivery

The company has excellent water delivery services with very efficient delivery teams. You can order the water on a monthly, weekly, biweekly, and daily basis. The rates are excellent in comparison to other competing water delivery services, and the quality of the alkaline water is even better. 

The company usually provides 5-gallon bottles of pre alkaline water to its customers. It also goes beyond its delivery radius if customers order more than five bottles for their house or office. 


Alka Pure follows thorough filtration processes for clearing the water from impurities. It has some of the best filtration equipment present in the water industry. The alkaline water is rich with minerals that hydrate your body, making you feel fresher than ever. 

You can book your deliveries with Alka pure if they deliver water to your zip. Complete our Free Quote to get the top company for your location. You can also give them a call. Their customer service team is rapid and responsive and will answer any of your queries within a few minutes.

7. Alkaline Water Wave

Alkaline Water Wave water delivery

This company’s alkaline water is often considered to be the gold standard because of how delicious it tastes (something people don’t usually say about water). The water has antioxidant, hydrating, and detoxifying benefits, because of the number of minerals the company naturally adds in it.

Also, the company uses the process of electrolysis for ionizing the water. That’s why it helps to remove toxins inside our bodies, essentially keeping us healthy most of the time. The 9.5 pH level of this water makes its high grade and maintains the pH balance of the body effectively.  


Alkaline Water Wave delivery service has excellent teams that deliver in the city of New York. You can either get the alkaline water delivered through the company’s website or call the customer service team to discuss a delivery plan that suits you.

8. Eternal Water

Eternal Logo

If you are looking for alkaline water delivery services that source their water from the purest of places, then choose Eternal Water. Their water has excellent taste. It is naturally alkaline and rich for mineral properties because of unique underground spring sources. 


Eternal water delivers all over New York City in homes and offices. The water is free from contaminants and environmental pollutants, making it eternally pure, just like the company wants it to be. 

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